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Release: v1.0.0 [Early Access]


Bermuda: Adrift is a game about being lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Within these waters are creatures enchanted with dark magic, and you must survive as long as possible. The three things keeping you alive are your raft, food supply, and impressive survival skills. 

Choose your Playstyle

Will you be The Pirate? A middle-of-the-road fighter with the ability to shoot his musket for ranged attacks and swing his cutlass for short-ranged attacks.

How about The Pilot? This character focuses on attacking multiple enemies at once.

The Old Man? You will have to find out!

Strategize by Placing/Upgrading Towers

Bermuda: Adrift wouldn't be considered a tower defense game if it didn't have towers, would it?  As you play the game you will earn towers to place down on your raft. However, towers aren't free. You will collect scrap as you kill enemies. Use the scrap on towers to build and upgrade them.


WASD to move

Mouse 1 for primary attack

Mouse 2 for secondary attack

Q to use first ability

R to use second ability


Brendan Czekaj, Lead/Programming

Jacob DregerProgramming/Artwork

Ian Washington, Programming/Design

Wyatt Davison, Programming

Nick Sutherby, Programming/Design

Aidan Conrade, Sound/Music

Zach Brouckman, Sound/Music


BermudaAdrift_v1.0.0.zip 34 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip folder, extract all the files out, and open the .exe file.

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