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================Welcome to BlackStar Carnival!=================
=======================Goal and Controls=======================
Your goal in this game is to play some fun carnival games, win 
tickets, and buy the big prize! Use WASD or the arrow keys to 
move around, and E to interact with things. "Can Crashers" and 
"Rowdy Racers" both use mouse control. "Drum Duelist", "Hammer 
Hitter", and "Hide and Seek" use keyboard controls.You will play 
multiple minigames around the carnival grounds in order to win 
enough Star Bucks to be able to achieve the grand prize: a large 
teddy bear.
This game was developed by Husky Game Development Enterprise at 
Michigan Technological University.
Colin Van Deldan-----Level Designer, Programmer
Finley Green---------Artist, Programmer
Leonardo LaRouche----Programmer
Quentin Ross---------Level Designer, Programmer
Caleb Leavesley------Artist, Programmer
John McDevitt--------Programmer
Caden Wilfong--------Programmer
Alex Hernandez-------Sound
Rowdy Vyverberg------Sound
Isabella Capanda-----Sound
Release date Apr 29, 2023
AuthorHusky Game Development
Made withUnity, Piskel
Tags2D, Arcade, carnival, Indie, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Source code


BlackStar_Carnival_v1.0_Alpha 26 MB
BlackStar_Carnival_v1.0_Beta 35 MB

Install instructions

Download the file (Beta 1.0 is most recent), unzip it, and run the executable.

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