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You are a knight sent to the Dark Fortress to slay its Lord. Unfortunately, you appear to have forgotten your trusty sword and shield. Instead, you must best the servants of evil within the walls of the keep with nothing but your old enchanted trading cards. Deck the forces of evil with your cards and maybe, you’ll liberate these lands!


Fortress Fold 'Em is an incomplete deck-building dungeon crawler with turn-based combat, where you can dodge the attacks of your opponent. You have to beat the levels in order before moving on to the next. Every time you win, you can get new cards to swap out into your deck. If you lose, you go all the way back to the start. 

This game was developed by the Husky Game Development Enterprise at Michigan Technological University. Students design and develop games in one or more semesters. Check out all of our students' games on our itch.io page!


Click and drag cards to play them, and click through the different menus.


Team Lead: Hollis Aitkens

Development: Connor Ward, Caden Swanson, Ben Cauley

Art: Hollis Aitkens

Sound: Connor Piereson, Aidan Conrade, Zach Brouckman, Nate Lyons


Fortress Fold 'Em DEMO 39 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and play!

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