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Gr4PP-L is a fast-paced precision platformer with a grappling hook and a focus on speedrunning. The game has 4 levels plus a tutorial level and will keep track of your best times. Find shortcuts and optimizations and try to set a new best time.

Controls (remappable, controller support included):

WASD: move and aim grappling hook

J: shoot grappling hook

`: restart level from beginning

S: slide

IMPORTANT: to shoot the grappling hook up and to the left, you need to press W+A+J, W+D+J for up and to the right.


River Dallas - Programming and Level Design

Ethan Hohman - Programming and Level Design

Noah Kolczynski - Programming and Level Design

Joshua Robinson - Programming and Level Design

Kyle Wybo - Programming and Level Design

Nick Zimanski - Programming and Story/Dialogue

Rowdy Vyverberg - Sound Effects

Sage Moser - Trailer Music

Hello! We're Husky Game Development Enterprise over at Michigan Technological University. At the enterprise, we have students create games throughout their semesters with us. Check out all of our students' games!

This game was developed by spring 2022's team 11.


final build.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip the entire file, then run "Gr4PP-L.exe"

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