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Defeat various monsters in this 2d Horde survival  game. Collect their remains to gain their abilities and other upgrades. Face bosses to test your skill. And try to survive until you are overrun.  This game was developed by Husky Game Development Enterprise at Michigan Technological University. Students design and develop games in one or more semesters. Check out all of our students' games on our itch.io page!


Play with or without mouse

WASD to move

Cursor or Arrow Keys to aim

Cursor or T-Y-U to select upgrades

TEAM - Colby Dummer, Jack Snowden, Wyatt Helzer, Chase Bootz, Joshua Radford, Kelso Edwards, Waylon Alvesteffer, Jacob Brendemuehl, Ben Cauley, Kirsten Love, Nolan Casey, Sam Robey, Rainey Alexiev, Nate Lyons, Connor Pierson


Monstrous_v1.0.0.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

  • Right click on the zip folder and choose "Extract All". Once extracted, run the Monstrous.exe file inside. Windows will block running the app, so you will need to click "More Info" and "Run Anyway".

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