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You are the Archangel Raphael, sent down from Heaven to investigate the stirrings of some minor devil when you find humans being dragged down to the underworld without judgment. You take it upon yourself to save the souls of the wrongfully damned and put a stop to the machinations of the devils below.

Platform and fight through rooms to help free the unjudged souls stolen by the Devil. You are able to upgrade your equipment and find new weapons to use to help you travel deeper into the levels where you will encounter more challenging enemies and obstacles. Your goal is to clear all the 9 dungeons and defeat the devil and reclaim all the stolen souls. You lose if you die along the way. 

This game was developed by Husky Game Development Enterprise at Michigan Technological University. Students design and develop games in one or more semesters. Check out all of our students' games on our itch.io page!

Jump - Space

WASD - Movement

LMB - Attack

Escape - Menu

Click through the different menus

Just unzip and play!


Jack Hayes - Dev

Carter Buchanan - Dev

Connor Ward - Dev

Noah Buckwalter - Dev

Rhyen Anderson - Dev/Art

Hollis Aitkens - Dev/Art

Ace Hobbs - Sound

Aidan Conrade - Sound


Raphael.zip 456 MB
README.txt 493 bytes

Install instructions

This an abandoned project that never finished development, but these are the files that were used during playtesting. Download the zip file and run the application within if you want to give it a shot!

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