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Rise of the Damned is a 2D vertical platformer, where one must reach the top of Heaven starting from the depths of Hell, battling savage enemies and avoiding dangerous traps along the way as they collect gear to come to aid in their mighty quest to the peak of Heaven. Currently, the game includes the entirety of Hell to progress through. Expect to see more levels, enemies, items, and bosses in the future!


  • WASD/Space - Movement
  • R - Pick up item
  • F - Switch Attack Mode
  • Arrow Keys - Attack


  • Tristan Brewer - Team Lead, Programmer, Music
  • Tyler Poirier - Programmer
  • Kolby Swanson - Programmer
  • Chris Apfel - Programmer
  • Austin LaBont - Artist
  • Matthew Buckeridge - Artist
  • Lamarr Lewis - Artist

    This game was developed by Husky Games Development Enterprise at Michigan Technological University. Check out all of our students' games here!

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