CAZ Update 1.0.6 - Excitement!

Today we have a smaller update, that brings mostly minor changes to the game. But finally we were able to crack down on the issue with battles softlocking! At least we hope so.


  • Finally fixed the encounter system bug where Shadow Striking and/or Sacrificing a card would not remove the correct card, causing a softlock.
  • Added collision to areas previously lacking collision.
  • Removed collision to areas previously blocking off players.
  • Added a special message for beating the final boss.
  • Adjusted grammar and spelling of most dialogue.

On the note of the encounter system bug, while we're confident what we have does the job, please let us know if anything comes up. And thanks to everyone that's been playing so far, we've gotten alot of helpful feedback that's allowed for these updates to take place! So we couldn't have done it without you!

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