A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A 2D style RPG and card game hybrid, where exploration is in the RPG overworld and battles are within card games. Discover new cards in the overworld through short fetch-quests and puzzles to add and build into your own deck of cards. Interact with various NPC's to experience the lore of this world and find hidden discoveries.


CAZ_Final.zip 147 MB
CAZ_Final_32bit.zip 144 MB
CAZ_Linux.tar.gz 139 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download the zip file and extract it (extract all). Then simply run CAZ.exe in the main file.

Linux: Similar process, just extract the tar.gz contents to a place in your directory and run CAZ-Linux.x86_64.

Development log


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i love quality of life patch v1.0.3 :)

Appreciate it. More tweaks similar to come!